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Feito por : Peppeers sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2012

1°-Tangela () Nível: 10

Ataques: Igrain, Absorb, Constrict, Sleep Powder.

2º-Ralts() Lvl: 100(Shiny)
Ataques: Confusion,Double Team,Teleport,Magical Leaf.

3º-Latias()Nível: 100
Ataques: Dragon Pulse,Mist Ball,Zen Headbutt,Charm.

4º-Riolu()Nível: 24
Ataques: Quick Attack,Feint,Reversal,Force Palm.

5°Feraligatr () Lvl: 100
 Ataques: Surf, Hydro Pump, Water gun, Dragon Claw.

6°Golem () Lv: 100
Ataques: Double Team,Gyro Ball,Tackle,Magnitude

Ataques: Tackle, Water Gun, Bubble, Pound.

    Ataques: Transform

9°ºSnorlax() lvl: 100
 Ataques:Giga Impact,Tackle,Rollout,Protect.

10°ºTauros() lvl: 100
Ataques:Take Down,Giga Imapact,Blizzard,Protect

11° Bulbasaur () Lvl: 05
Ataques: Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip, Leech Seed.

12° Feebas () Lvl: 15
Ataques: Splash, Tackle.

13° Magikarp () Lvl: 15
Ataques: Splash, Tackle.

14° Beartic () Lvl: 50
Ataques: Blizzard, Ice Beam, Dig, Surf.

15° Jynx () Lvl: 50
Ataques: Ice Beam, Avalanch, Hail, Blizzard

16°Swablu - nível: 7
Ataques: Peck, Growl, Astonish.

17°Murkrow - nível: 7
Ataques: Peck, Astonish, Pursuit.

18°Cubchoo-Nível: 20
Ataques: Icy Wind,Bide,Powder Snow,Fury Swipes.

19ºMudkip() Lvl: 5
Ataques:  Tackle,Mud-Slap,Water Gun,Growl.

20º Zorua() Lv:28
Ataques: Fury Swipes,Scratch,Shadow Ball,Incinerate

21º Eevee()Lv: 100
Ataques: Take Down,Shadow Ball,Double Team,Tackle. 

22º Umbreon () Lv: 100
Ataques: Tackle,Confuse Ray,Quick Attack,Shadow Ball.

23°Serperior () Lvl: 60
Ataques: Mega Drain, Energy Ball, Magical Leaf, Solar Beam.

24°Arcanine () Lvl: 30
Ataques: Flame Wheel, Ember, Fire Frang, Sunny Day.-

25°Swampert () Lvl: 100
Ataques: Water Gun, Muddy Water, Surf, Water Pulse.

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