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Feito por : Peppeers sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2012


1°Vibrava (♂)nível: 16
Ataques:  Bite, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack.

2° - Spheal (♂) Lvl:27
Ataques: Water Gun, Surf, Ice Beam, Bubble.

3° Phanpy (♀) Lvl: 5
Ataques: Rollout, Tackle, Leer, Quick Attack.

4° Litwick (♂) Lvl: 11
Ataques: Psywave, Psybeam, Spite, Hypnosis.

5°-Starivia(♀) nível: 17
Ataques: Tackle, Wind attack, Quick Attack,Growl. 

Golduck () Lvl: 50
Ataques: Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Zen Headbutt, Water Pulse.

Bulbasaur () Lvl: 07
    Ataques: Tackle, Growl, Leer, Sweet Scent.

Wooper (♂) Lvl: 05
Ataques: Bubble, Water Gun, Tail Whip, tackle.

Emboar (♂) Lvl: 51
Ataques: Arm Thrust,  Heat Crash, Fire Pledge, Blast Burn.

10ºTauros (♂) Lvl:50
Ataques:Giga impactor, Horn attack, Zen headbutt, Thrash.

11ºGyarados (♂) Lvl: 45
ataques: Twister, Hyper Beam, Agua Tail, Hydro Bomb . 

12° Maractus (♀) Lvl: 10
Golpes:  Pin Missile, Growth, Peck, Absorb

13ºLuxio ()Lvl: 17

Ataques: Tackle, charge, Bite,spark.

14ºBeldum (♂) Lvl:15
Ataques: Take Down

15° Mantyke (♀) Lvl: 5
Ataques: Supersonic, Bubble.

16º-Cubchoo(♂)-Nível: 20
Ataques: Icy Wind,Bide,Powder Snow,Fury Swipes.

17º-Beartic(♂)Nível: 50
Ataques: Blizzard,Ice Beam,Dig,Surf.

18ºJynx (♀)Nível: 50
Ataques: Avalanche,Lick,Shadow Ball,Double Team.
19º- Feebas (♀) Nível: 15
 Ataques: Tackle,Splash.

20º- Magikarp () Nível: 15
 Ataques: Tackle,Splash. 

21º- Aron (♂)Lvl: 7
Ataques: Tackle, Harden, Mud-Slap.  

22º- Charmander (♂) Lvl:05
Ataques: Tackle, Growl, ember, Scratch

23º-Murkrow: (♂) Lvl:07
Ataques: Peck, Astonish, Pursuit. 

24º-Snorlax (♂)Lv:100
Ataques:Focus Blast,Hyper Beam,Giga Impact, Heavy Slam 

25º-Mudkip (♀) Nível:5
Ataques: Tackle,Growl,Mud-Slap,Water Gun.

26º-Magnemite () nível: 48
Ataques:Mirror Shot , Spark, Thundershock, Charge Beam.
27º Jirachi--Nível: 100
Ataques: Confusion,Psychic,Cosmic Power,Thunderbolt.

28ºPachirisu () Lvl: 50
Ataques: Thunder,  Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, Charge Beam. 

29ºLarvesta -Nível: 12
Ataques: Ember, Tackle, Leer, Quick Attack.

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